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When it’s time to think about color, nurture your soul.

You can design the perfect space when you align your soul with nature. Get inspired to create an interior with feeling and depth that flows. Surround yourself with blissful color and breathtaking beauty. Experience the peace and tranquility of being outdoors. All of the styles and elements you see here are available to purchase on museum quality fine art prints, canvas, acrylic, metal, and framed art prints, or greeting cards, and phone cases. Start building a balanced life now, buy art prints online for home or business and bring the beauty of outdoors in!

Meet the Artist

Christina Rollo is a professional nature photographer located in central New York, USA. Her interest in photography and love of the outdoors has produced this wonderful collection of photographs and artwork. Every image on this website is linked directly to the corresponding product page or gallery to buy art prints online. Just click an image to view product options and pricing.  If you’d like to jump straight into the photography and artwork, click the Shop page where you can explore the rolling hills of Central New York State in detail through numerous wildlife and landscapes.

“The quality of the prints is fantastic!!! We are receiving comments every day about the artwork in our office and we highly recommend Christina’s work to our friends and clients.” …Read More ~Jim from Endwell NY, USA

Photography & Artwork

Relax and enjoy browsing beautiful images from Christina Rollo’s nature collection. Many of her photographs were taken to identify species and maintain a record of wildlife in central New York. Click images to read descriptions, including educational information provided for you to learn about different animal species, or visit Christina’s favorite locations from around the Southern Tier in Upstate New York.

Christina considers herself very fortunate to live in the midst of these beautiful landscapes that populate central New York State, and is pleased to present you with her fine art collection, including over 1,000 nature images. Her galleries are filled with stunning, colorful images. is a website dedicated to making it easier for collectors to find and purchase Christina’s beautiful fine art prints, whether you also call New York State home or just love our natural world. While you visit we hope you have an opportunity to learn about the wonderful animals and locations pictured here.

Crafting Beauty

Christina looks for special beauty in the details of things that aren’t normally seen, or nature very close-up. Her ability is obvious in her high quality photos of animals ranging from birds to bees. She approaches her art with patience and quietly waits behind the scenes for each photographic moment to unfold. If you were to observe her surveying an area to capture the right image, it would be easy to understand and appreciate the passion she has for her craft. Perfectionism is a must, she is not satisfied with a photograph until it is just right. When a piece turns out well, her image will show the essence of the moment in which it was created.

As you become familiar with the spirit of her images, you will be gaining a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us every day. Whether it’s a photograph of a beautiful hummingbird, a landscape, a colorful nature abstract, or the family dog, the art world has begun to recognize Christina’s determination and style.

“As soon as I saw her fox print, I just knew I had to have it. It’s such a gorgeous piece of art. The quality of the piece and the framing was exceptional.” ~Shane from South Charleston West Virginia, USA

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